Tiffany Garcia

DEPT. Of Fisheries and wildlife


My research encompasses a wide variety of biological disciplines, including aquatic, behavioral and community ecology, invasion biology, conservation biology, and herpetology.  I typically work in freshwater habitats within forested landscapes and address ecologically based questions using amphibian and invertebrate systems.  I have projects quantifying predator/prey dynamics, competition regimes, stressor defense strategies, and microhabitat preference using observational, theoretical and empirical methods.  I enjoy incorporating both laboratory and field components in my work, and appreciate a diverse working environment.  

Selected publications

Kroll, A.J., T.S. Garcia, J. Jones, K. Dugger, B. Murden, J. Johnson, S. Peterman, M. Brintz and M. Rochelle (2015) Evaluating multi-level models to assess occupancy state responses of Plethodontid salamandersPLoS ONE 10: e0145899.

Garcia, T.S., J.C. Rowe and J.B. Doyle (2015) A tad too high: Sensitivity to UV-B radiation may limit invasion potential of America bullfrogs in the Pacific Northwest invasion rangeAquatic Invasions 10: 237-247.

Thurman, L.L., T.S. Garcia and P. Hoffman (2014) Elevational differences in trait response to UV-B radiation by long-toed salamander populationsOecologia 175: 835-845.

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Baker, N.J., B. Bancroft, and T.S. Garcia (2013) A meta-analysis of the effects of pesticides and fertilizers on amphibiansScience of the Total Environment 449: 150-156.

Cook, M.T., S.S Heppell, and T.S. Garcia (2013) Invasive bullfrog larvae lack developmental plasticity to changing hydroperiodJournal of Wildlife Management 77: 655-662.

Garcia, T.S., L.L. Thurman, J.C. Rowe, and S. Selego (2012) Antipredator behavior of American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) in a novel environment. Ethology 118: 1-9.

Rowe, J.C., and T.S. Garcia (2012) First record of predation by the invasive American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeinus) on the threatened Oregon chub (Oregonichthys crameri). Herpetological Review 43: 633-634.

Hanshew, B.A. and T.S. Garcia (2012) Invasion of the shelter snatchers: shelter use dynamics of co-occurring native and invasive crayfish from Oregon's Willamette ValleyFreshwater Biology 57: 2285-2296.