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Wild bee diversity increases with local fire severity in a fire‐prone landscape, 2019, Sara M. Galbraith, James H. Cane, Andrew R. Moldenke, James W. Rivers, Ecosphere.

Influence of fire refugia spatial pattern on post-fire forest recovery in Oregon’s Blue Mountains, 2019, William M. Downing, Meg A. Krawchuk, Garrett W. Meigs, Sandra L. Haire, Jonathan D. Coop, Ryan B. Walker, Ellen Whitman, Geneva Chong, Carol Miller, Landscape Ecology.

Evidence for lasting alterations to aquatic food webs with short-duration reservoir draining, 2019, Christina A. Murphy, Ivan Arismendi, Gregory A. Taylor, Sherri L. Johnson, PLOS ONE

Are we eating the world's megafauna to extinction? 2019, William J. Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M. Newsome, Matthew G. Betts, Gerardo Ceballos, Franck Courchamp, Matt W. Hayward, Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Arian D. Wallach, Boris Worm, Conservation Letters.

Impacts of the Northwest Forest Plan on forest composition and bird populations. 2019, Benjamin T. Phalan, Joseph M. Northrup, Zhiqiang Yang, Robert L. Deal, Josée S. Rousseau, Thomas A. Spies, and Matthew G. Betts, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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