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In the News

Scientists say sustainable forestry organizations should lift ban on biotech trees (August 2019, Science)

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Touted as 'development,' land grabs hurt local communities, and women most of all (June 2019)

Tall and old or dense and young: Which kind of forest is better for the climate? (May 2019, Eco-Business)

‘Perfect Storm’: Ticks Flourish, Lyme Cases Spike As Temperatures Rise (May 2019, NBC)

Young frogs that were stressed as tadpoles move less on land, putting their survival at risk (May 2019, EurekAlert)

An epic experiment on Lake Superior's islands, starring wolves, moose and caribou (April 2019, Star Tribune)

Wolves reach Oregon Coast, accused in ‘probable’ kill of 22 sheep (March 2019, Statesman Journal)

Climate change negatively affects waterbirds in the American West (March 2019, Science Daily)

Future of gene editing in limbo (February 2019, Capital Press)

Study finds experimental extreme draining of reservoir has unexpected ecological impacts (February 2019, Science X)

The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds (February 2019, The Guardian)

So Far, Northwest Forest Plan Falling Short Of Biodiversity Goals (February 2019, Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Recent publications

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