Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity Seminar Series

Fall 2017

Fridays at 3:00 pm, Learning Innovation Center (LINC), room 302, Oregon State University

September 29

Studying birds in the context of the annual cycle:  seasonal interactions and carry-over effects - Pete Marra, Center Head, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center [GS]   

October 6

Altered species interactions in cities and the role of anthropogenic inputs - Amanda Rodewald, Director of Conservation Science, Cornell University [GS]

October 13

Altered fire regimes and positive feedbacks: lessons from temperate southern hemisphere's forests - Andres Holz, Portland State University [GS]

Polyploidy and sex chromosome evolution in wild strawberry - Aaron Liston, Oregon State University [GS]   

October 20

Historical biogeography of Neotropical rain forests: insights from widespread tree species - Chris Dick, University of Michigan, Curator and Associate Chair for Museum Collections, U-M Herbarium and U-M Museum of Zoology [GS]

October 27

Natural values and novel ecosystems: Adapting nature conservation - Allen Thompson, Oregon State University [GS]

November 3

Forest biodiversity: how can it be conserved, and why should we bother anyway? - Matt Betts, Oregon State University [GS]

November 17

The multi-trophic effects of insectivorous birds in forest ecosystems - Kailen Mooney, Center for Environmental Biology, UC Irvine [GS]


December 1