Matt Betts



I study the ways that forest landscape composition and pattern influence animal behavior, species distributions and ecosystem function. As humans are one of the primary drivers of landscape characteristics globally, much of my work is applied and focused on management and conservation, particularly the question of ways of optimizing potential trade-offs between biodiversity and human forest uses. However, understanding mechanisms is key to generalization, so a central part of my research program is basic in nature and links landscape ecology to behavioral ecology, physiology, and evolution. The complexity of ecological systems requires powerful tools that extend beyond ecology into other disciplines - particularly mathematics and computer science. Members of my lab engage actively in such interdisciplinary collaborations.

Selected publications

Benjamin T. Phalan, Joseph M. Northrup, Zhiqiang Yang, Robert L. Deal, Josée S. Rousseau, Thomas A. Spies, Matthew G. Betts (2019) Impacts of the Northwest Forest Plan on forest composition and bird populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. DOI:10.1073/pnas.1813072116

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