Joan C. Hagar

USGS Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center


I conduct research on wildlife habitat relationships in forests, woodlands, and rangelands, including investigations of the effects of natural disturbance and management strategies on wildlife habitat, and evaluation of the effectiveness of habitat restoration treatments for wildlife.

Selected publications

All available at:

Hagar, J.C. 1999. Influence of riparian buffer width on bird assemblages in western Oregon. J. Wildlife Management 63(2): 484-496.

Hagar, J.C., and Stern, M.A., 2001. Avifauna in oak woodlands of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Northwestern Naturalist 82: 12 – 25.

Hagar, J.C., L.M. Ganio, and S. Howlin. 2004. Short-term response of songbirds to experimental thinning of young Douglas-fir forests in the Oregon Cascades. Forest Ecology and Management 199: 333-347.

Hagar, J.C., 2007. Wildlife species associated with non-coniferous vegetation in Pacific Northwest conifer forests- A review. Forest Ecology and Management 246: 108-122.

Hagar, J.C., 2007, Key elements of stand structure for wildlife in production forests west of the Cascade Mountains. In Harrington, T.B., Nicholas, G.E., eds., Managing for Wildlife Habitat in Westside Production Forests: PNW-GTR-695, Portland, OR, U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, pp. 35-48