Ivan Arismendi

Assistant Professor
DEPT. of fisheries and wildlife


I am a quantitative aquatic ecologist interested in the links among water, land, and people. I focus on freshwater-terrestrial links, freshwater-marine links, invasive species impacts on aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and the consequences of climate change on freshwater food webs and ecosystems. I am also interested in issues related to diversity and inclusion in science.

Selected publications

Flitcroft R, S Lewis, I Arismendi, R LovellFord, M Santelmann, M Safeeq, G Grant. 2016. Linking hydroclimate to fish phenology and habitat use with ichthyographs. PLoS ONE 11(12): e0168831. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0168831

Arismendi I, BE Penaluna. 2016. Examining diversity inequities in fisheries science: A call to action. Bioscience 66(7):584-591.  Highlighted as the front-matter of the July issue

Vargas PV, I Arismendi, D Gomez-Uchida 2015. Evaluating taxonomic homogenization of freshwater fish assemblages in Chile. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 88(16) DOI: 10.1186/s40693-015-0046-2

Arismendi I, B Penaluna, JB Dunham, C García de Leaniz, D Soto, I Fleming, D Gomez-Uchida, G Gajardo, P Vargas, J León-Muñoz. 2014. Differential invasion success of salmonids in southern Chile: patterns and hypotheses. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 24:919-941.

Marr SM, MP Marchetti, JD Olden, E García-Berthou, DL Morgan, I Arismendi, JA Day, CL Griffiths & PH Skelton 2010. Freshwater fish introductions in Mediterranean-climate regions: are there commonalities in the conservation problem? Diversity and Distributions 16(4):606-619.