Dana Warren



My research explores connections between aquatic and terrestrial environments with a focus on stream ecosystems.  I am particularly interested in understanding how disturbance – and recovery from disturbance – in upland and streamside (riparian) forests affects stream biota and stream ecosystem processes over both short and long time scales.  Anthropocentric clearing of upland and riparian forests was prevalent during the 20th century.  Forests are recovering, but under conditions that differ from those in which they initially grew.  A key goal in my research is to determine how long-term trajectories of change and multiple stand development trajectories in forest regeneration can affect the long-term trajectories of change in associated streams.  This effort includes a wide range of individual research projects encompassing field experiments, stream network analyses, and space-for-time studies.  We quantify processes and biota at scales that range from the stream networks,  to headwater subbasins, to stream reaches, to individual rocks.   Beyond streams, my group also explores processes in lakes and how climate change as well as recovery from historic acid deposition across the landscape affect the lake ecosystem, with a particular focus on coldwater fish.

Selected publications

Warren, D.R., C.E. Kraft, D.C. Josephson, and C.T. Driscoll. In Press.  Acid rain recovery, changing climate, and the future of coldwater fisheries.  Submitted to Global Change Biology

Bechtold, H.A., E.J., Rosi-Marshall, D.R. Warren, and W.S. Keeton. In Press. Forest age influences in-stream ecosystem processes in Northeastern US. Ecosystems

Warren, D.R., W.S. Keeton, P.M. Kiffney, M.J. Kaylor, H.A. Becthold, and J. Magee. 2016. Changing forests – changing streams: Riparian forest stand development and ecosystem function in temperate headwaters. Ecosphere 7(8):e01435.

Warren, D.R., S.M. Collins, E.M Purvis, M.J. Kaylor, and H.A. Becthold. 2016. Spatial variability in light yields co-limitation of primary production by both light and nutrients in a forested stream ecosystem. Ecosystems

Warren, D.R., W. S. Keeton, Bechtold, H.A., E.J. Rosi-Marshall. 2013.  Comparing streambed light availability and canopy cover in streams with old-growth versus early-mature riparian forests in western Oregon. Aquatic Sciences 75: 547-558

Warren, D.R., C.E. Kraft, W.S. Keeton, J.S. Nunery, G.E. Likens. 2009. Dynamics of wood recruitment in streams of the northeastern U.S. Forest Ecology and Management 258:804-813

Banner photograph by Matt Kaylor