Zhiqiang Yang

Research Associate
DEPT. of Forest Ecosystems & Society
Oregon state university

Laboratory for applications of remote sensing in ecology (Larse)


I am interested in ecological modeling with remote sensing for landscape and regional ecological information; forest succession; ecological informatics and application development for ecological researches. 

My current work includes linking time series of spectral data with different successional trajectories; spatial modeling of ecosystem production through BiomBGC modeling; developing methods to quantify uncertainties associated with remote sensing analysis.

Selected publications

Cohen WB, Yang Z, Healey SP, Kennedy RE, Gorelick N. 2018. A LandTrendr Multispectral Ensemble for Forest Disturbance Detection. Remote Sensing of Environment 205:131-140.

Healey SP, Cohen WB, Yang Z, Brewer CK, Brooks EB, Gorelick N, Hernandez AJ, Huang C, Hughes MJ, Kennedy RE et al. 2018. Mapping Forest Change using Stacked Generalization: An Ensemble Approach. Remote Sensing of Environment 204:717-728.

King DT, Wang G, Yang Z, Fischer JW. 2017. Advances and Environmental Conditions of Spring Migration Phenology of American White Pelicans. Scientific Reports. 7. 

Davis RJ, Yang Z, Yost A, Belongie C, Cohen WB. 2017. The Normal Fire Environment—Modeling environmental suitability for large forest wildfires using past, present, and future climate normals. Forest Ecology and Management.. 390:173-186.

Cohen WB, Yang Z, Stehman SV, Schroeder TA, Bell DM, Masek JG, Huang C, Meigs GW. 2016. Forest disturbance across the conterminous United States from 1985–2012: The emerging dominance of forest decline. Forest Ecology and Management 360:242-252.