Tom Spies

DEPT. of forest ecosystems & Society

emeritus scientist
PNW research station USDA forest service

Research Interests: Forest ecology, forest succession, stand and landscape structure and dynamics, old growth forest ecology and conservation; overstory-understory relationships; coupled natural and human systems.

Selected publications

Griffiths, Robert P.; Gray, Andrew N.; Spies, Thomas A. 2010. Soil properties in old-growth Douglas-fir gaps in the western Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

Spies, Thomas A.; Miller, Jay D.; Buchanan, Joseph B.; Lehmkuhl, John F.; Franklin, Jerry F.; Healey, Sean P.; Hessburg, Paul F.; Safford, Hugh D.; Cohen, Warren B.; Kennedy, Rebecca S.H.; Knapp, Eric E.; Agee, James K.; Moeur, Melinda. 2010. Underestimating risks to the northern spotted owl in fire-prone forests: response to Hanson et al.

Healey, Sean; Cohen, Warren; Spies, Thomas A.; Moeur, Melinda; Pflugmacher, Dirk; Whitley, M. German; Lefsky, Michael. 2008. The relative impact of harvest and fire upon landscape-level dynamics of older forests: lessons from the Northwest Forest Plan.

Pabst, Robert J.; Goslin, Matthew N.; Garman, Steven L.; Spies, Thomas A. 2008. Calibrating and testing a gap model for simulating forest management in the Oregon Coast Range.

Thompson, Jonathan R.; Johnson, K. Norman; Lennette, Marie; Spies, Thomas A.; Bettinger, Pete. 2006. Historical disturbance regimes as a reference for forest policy. in a multiowner province: a simulation experiment.