Taal Levi

DEPT. OF Fisheries and wildlife

I combine empirical data, fieldwork, and quantitative methods to address applied problems in ecology, conservation, and management. My focus is broad, extending from understanding how to assess the spatial extent and ecological consequences of wildlife overexploitation, to fisheries management, the ecology and conservation of predators, disease ecology, and population dynamics in a changing climate. In each case, anthropogenic impacts have altered biotic interactions, and these alterations have consequences for things that humans care about, which is where management options need to be considered. Although my work is rooted in ecology and applied mathematics, I like to cross discipline boundaries to explore implications for human livelihoods and health. 

Current projects include mapping the distribution of rare forest carnivores and determining the causes of their rarity, projecting mountain goat populations under climate change scenarios, understanding the relationship between Amazonian forest fragmentation and the dynamics of infectious disease, understanding the ecology and natural history of semi-aquatic jaguars in the Pantanal of Brazil, understanding the community ecology of brown bears in salmon systems, as well as a variety of projects using environmental DNA to detect fish and quantify their abundance, and several projects using high-throughput sequencing to determine the diets of Alexander Archipelago wolves, fishers, martens, bats, and a variety of large mammals.


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