Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity Seminar Series



History and future approaches for aquatic conservation in the Willamette River - Prof. Stan Gregory, Oregon State University

January 18

Ecology and conservation of rare forest carnivores in the Pacific states - Dr Katie Moriarty, USDA Forest Service

January 25

Conservation science in an uncertain policy world - Dr John Organ, US Geological Survey

De-extinction: the past is the future, but should it be? - Prof. Susan Haig, US Geological Survey

February 1

The whys and wherefores of extinction: Neotropical birds and Australian mammals - Prof. John Terborgh, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

February 15

Biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being: perspectives gained from interdisciplinary collaborations - Prof. Patricia Balvanera, National Autonomous University of Mexico

February 22

How can we tell if an animal is sentient, and why should we care? - Prof. Victoria Braithwaite, Penn State University

March 8

Stressed out whales? New methods to examine the physiological impacts of ocean noise on gray whales - Dr Leigh Torres, Oregon State University

March 15