Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series

Fall 2018

Fridays at 3:00 pm, Learning Innovation Center (LINC), Room 302, Oregon State University

October 5

Forest bee biodiversity in the Eastern USA - Rachael Winfree, Rutgers University [Google Scholar]

October 12

Climate niches and herpetofaunal risk - Dede Olson, US Forest Service

Toward the inevitable fusion: research at the crossroads of ethics, ecology, and social science - Michael Nelson, Oregon State University   

October 19

Synergistic effects of climate and land-use on biodiversity - Ben Zuckerberg, University of Wisconsin [Google Scholar]

October 26

Liz Scordato, Cal Poly Pomona [Google Scholar]

November 2

Tiffany Garcia, Oregon State University

November 9

Lauren Hallett, University of Oregon [Google Scholar]

NOVEMber 16

NOVEMber 30

Jack Dumbacher, California Academy of Sciences [Google Scholar]

Berry Brosi, Emory University [Google Scholar]

December 7