Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity Seminar Series

Fall 2016

September 30

Abiotic and biotic drivers of species interactions in space and time: Populus trees and foliar fungi - Prof. Posy Busby, Oregon State University

October 7

Ecological forest management - Prof. Jerry Franklin, University of Washington

October 14

Network theory to spatially model ecological networks - Prof. Marie-Josée Fortin, University of Toronto

Trophic cascades and global mammal conservation - Prof. William Ripple, Oregon State University

October 21

Tracking evolutionary diversity, phylogenetic structure, and species interactions in forests across the globe using DNA barcodes - Dr. John Kress, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

October 28

EvoEcoDevo of Aquilegia floral biology - Prof. Scott Hodges, UC Santa Barbara


Patterns and consequences of distributional shifts in montane species with climate change - Prof. Morgan Tingley, U. Conn.


Ecological Responses to Habitat Fragmentation Per Se - Prof. Lenore Fahrig, Carelton University