Mark D. Needham



I am a social scientist who focuses on understanding human experiences and behavior within the context of nature, and using this to inform land management and advance scientific thought.  My work is informed by concepts and theories grounded in social psychology and driven by questions about how people value, experience, and impact recreation and tourism settings (e.g., parks, protected areas) and other natural resources (e.g., wildlife, forests, marine areas).  I also have expertise in survey design and administration, and advanced statistical methods.  My most recent work on forest biodiversity issues includes studies of public attitudes toward using biotechnological (e.g., genetic modification) and non-biotechnological (e.g., tree breeding, assisted migration) interventions to address forest health threats (e.g., diseases such as chestnut blight, pests such as pine beetle, climate change).  I am also working on a study of public tradeoffs of ecosystem services associated with aerial herbicide spraying and other intensive forest management practices on private forestlands. I am Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Human Dimensions of Wildlife, and I am also Director of the Natural Resources, Tourism, and Recreation (NATURE) Studies Lab at Oregon State University.


SELECTED publications

Needham, M. D., Vaske, J. J., & Petit, J. D. (2017). Risk sensitivity and hunter perceptions of chronic wasting disease risk and other hunting, wildlife, and health risks. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 22(3), 197-216.

Perry, E. E., Needham, M. D., & Cramer, L. A. (2017). Coastal resident trust, similarity, attitudes, and intentions regarding new marine reserves in Oregon. Society and Natural Resources, 30(3), 315-330.

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Morzillo, A. T., & Needham, M. D. (2015). Landowner incentives and normative tolerances for managing beaver impacts. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 20(6), 514-530.

Needham, M. D., & Vaske, J. J. (2013). Activity substitutability and degree of specialization among deer and elk hunters in multiple states. Leisure Sciences, 35(3), 235-255.

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