Joseph Northrup

Research Scientist wildlife research & monitoring section
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry


My research is focused on understanding the influence of humans on the spatial ecology of wildlife species. The dominant drivers of global environmental change can be measured spatially, and thus a spatial approach is a natural way to understand species responses. Most of my work uses global positioning system radio collar data to understand how species move through and select habitat in landscapes that have been modified by human activities in some way. My research is applied in nature and I aim to address research questions that have meaningful links to conservation policy and wildlife management.

My current research projects span a broad range of taxa and ecosystems, but all are centered around understanding how human-caused environmental change has impacted the spatial ecology of species. I have active research projects on mule deer in Colorado, polar bears at the southern extent of their global range, black bears in Ontario and Marbled Murrelets in the Pacific Northwest.  

Selected publications

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