Jim Rivers

DEPT. OF Forest ecosystems & Society


I am an animal ecologist with research interests that extend into the fields of animal behavior, physiological ecology, and conservation science. The research questions I pursue are grounded in both basic and applied principles, and nearly all are investigated through empirical field studies of wild populations in forested ecosystems. Some of my current projects include studies that are examining bee community response to wildfire and logging, testing the demographic response of early-successional birds to herbicides, evaluating the impacts of supplemental feeding on the behavior and physiology of songbirds, and quantifying the breeding habitat requirements of the Marbled Murrelet.


Principal Investigator

The OSU College of Forestry initiated a long term, comprehensive study in 2015 to assess and understand murrelet habitat needs in relation to a number of forest management issues. This research applies new methods and technology to improve our understanding of murrelet nesting habitat requirements and factors that affect breeding success.

Selected publications

Rivers, J. W., G. N. Newberry, C. J. Schwarz, and D. R. Ardia. 2016. Success despite the stress: violet-green swallows increase glucocorticoids and maintain reproductive output following experimental increases in flight costs. Functional Ecology 30:xx-xx.

Rivers, J. W., M. Johnson, S. M. Haig, C. J. Schwarz, J. Burnett, J. Brandt, D. George, and J. Grantham. 2014. An analysis of monthly home range size in the critically endangered California Condor. Bird Conservation International 24:492-504.

Rivers, J. W., M. A. Blundell, and S. I. Rothstein. 2014. Mismatched begging displays between foreign and host offspring reduce brood parasite fitness. Behavioral Ecology 25:785-793.

Rivers, J. W., A. L. Liebl, J. C. Owen, L. B. Martin, and M. G. Betts. 2012. Baseline corticosterone is positively related to juvenile survival in a migrant passerine bird. Functional Ecology 26:1127-1134.

Rivers, J. W., G. S. Gipson, D. P. Althoff, and J. S. Pontius. 2010. Long-term community dynamics of small landbirds with and without exposure to extensive disturbance from military training activities. Environmental Management 45:203-216.