Jason Dunham

DEPT. of fisheries and wildlife

Supervisory Research Ecologist
Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
U.S. Geological Survey

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My research is focused on landscape ecology of aquatic ecosystems, conservation biology of focal species, ecology of natural disturbance, biological invasions, and monitoring.  My current research is focused on climate adaptation, local and regional effects of forest and rangeland management on streams, conservation planning for wetlands in arid ecosystems, ecology of beaver and beaver-assisted restoration, and human dimensions of riverscapes.

Selected publications

JB Dunham, BE Rieman. 1999. Metapopulation structure of bull trout: influences of physical, biotic, and geometrical landscape characteristics. Ecological Applications 9:642-655.

SJ Wenger, DJ Isaak, CH Luce, HM Neville, KD Fausch, JB Dunham, et al. 2011. Flow regime, temperature, and biotic interactions drive differential declines of trout species under climate change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108:14175-14180.

BE Rieman, JB Dunham. 2000. Metapopulations and salmonids: a synthesis of life history patterns and empirical observations. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 9:51-64.

JB Dunham, SB Adams, RE Schroeter, DC Novinger. 2002. Alien invasions in aquatic ecosystems: toward an understanding of brook trout invasions and potential impacts on inland cutthroat trout in western North America. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 12:373-391.

HM Neville, JB Dunham, MM Peacock. 2006. Landscape attributes and life history variability shape genetic structure of trout populations in a stream network. Landscape Ecology 21:901-916.