Upcoming events

Winter 2019 Seminars

Wednesdays, 3-4pm at Withycombe 109

  • January 23 // Dr. Jessica Metcalf (Princeton University)

    Evolution of sex differences when immunity is dangerous

  • January 30 // Dr. A. Marm Kilpatrick (UC Santa Cruz)

    Cryptic connections, microclimates and host responses drive variation in the impact of white nose-syndrome on bats

  • February 6 // Dr. Felisa Smith (University of New Mexico)

    The influence of hominins on mammal biodiversity and body size over the late Quaternary

  • February 13 // Dr. Albert Ruhi (UC Berkeley)

    Rivers of the Anthropocene: Responses of freshwater communities to novel flow regimes

  • February 20 // Dr. Steve Beissinger (UC Berkeley)

    A century of climate and land-use change on birds and mammals: The Grinnell Resurvey Project

  • February 27 // Dr. Carlos Peres (University of East Anglia)

    Managing wild-caught animal protein in the Amazon for local to global benefits

  • March 6 // Dr. Janet Franklin (UC Riverside)

    Ecosystems navigate complex terrain in a changing climate

  • March 13 // Dr. Nicole Gross-Camp (Allegheny College)

    From primates to primates - my journey from chimpanzee seed dispersa

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Past events


The 2018 BioBlitz took place at Willamette Park on Sunday, June 3rd. Check out the species documented on iNaturalist, and stay tuned for details about BioBlitz 2019!

Corvallis BioBlitz 2017

The Forest Biodiversity Research Network was proud to sponsor a BioBlitz at Avery Park on May 28th. Around 50 people participated and we identified over 200 taxa, many of which were documented on iNaturalist. For more information, check out the project page here.

The event was written up in the Corvallis Gazette Times.