Deanna H. (Dede) Olson

Pacific Northwest Research Station
U.S. Forest Service


I study the conservation biology, behavioral ecology, and population and community ecology of amphibians and reptiles, and selected other taxa. My current projects address: 1) the effects of forest management practices and riparian buffer widths on headwater habitats and species; 2) microhabitat- to landscape-scale habitat modeling, including the effects of climate change on species and habitats; 3) development of data management and mapping portals for amphibian and reptile diseases; and 4) context matters for amphibian infection by the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.  Recently, I have been working on a variety of syntheses with an amazing group of partners -- for western forests and their management, aquatic invasive species, aquatic biodiversity, and amphibian research and conservation priorities. I also serve in a variety of roles:  Team Leader - Aquatic Ecology and Management team, US Forest Service, PNW; Courtesy faculty, Oregon State University; Associate Editor, Diseases section of Herpetological Review; USA regional lead for the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group; Bsal Technical Advisory Committee; US federal Northwest Forest Plan Intermediate Management Group for Survey and Manage; and IUFRO Division 8, Aquatic Biodiversity lead.

Selected publications

Olson, D.H. and B. Van Horne (2017) People, Forests, and Change: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest. Island Press, Washington, D.C. 331 pp. Available from Island Press.

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Leach, J.A., D.H. Olson, P.D. Anderson, and B.N.I Eskelson (2017) Spatial and seasonal variability of forested headwater stream temperatures in western Oregon, USA. Aquatic Sciences 79: 291-307.

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