Brenda McComb



Forest structure and composition is modified at stand and landscape scales by natural disturbances and management activities. I study the impacts of these types of natural and human-caused disturbances on vertebrates at stand and landscape scales. Silvicultural and landscape plans can be developed to recover habitat for forest species lost by past management decisions, and should be based on available science, analyzed within an interdisciplinary framework that considers ecological functions, economic realities, and a broad range of social acceptabilities.  I enjoy working within this interdisciplinary framework to ensure that the results of our work are grounded in reality, while also allowing me to learn from experts in other disciplines. Graduate students with whom I have worked have explored a wide range of topics across multiple disciplines, but all of whom had conservation of biodiversity as the practical underpinning to their work.

Selected publications

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Note: Due to a name change, publications prior to 2003 are listed as W. C. McComb

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