Allen Thompson

Associate Professor of Ethics & Environmental Philosophy School of History, Philosophy & Religion OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY


Allen Thompson is an Associate Professor of Ethics and Environmental Philosophy at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

His research concerns broadening our conception of environmental virtue and moral responsibility as a part of understanding human excellence in adapting to the Anthropocene. Presently, Thompson is writing a book on the ethics of novel ecosystems (Routledge, under contract) and is working on two invited essays for Oxford University Press about the plight of future generations after our moral failure and what's left for hope in front of unfolding environmental catastrophes.

Thompson is President of the International Society of Environmental Ethics, a past Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center (Munich, Germany), and the OSU The Center for the Humanities. He co-edited The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics (OUP 2017) and Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change (MIT 2012). Thompson also serves as book review editor for the journal Environmental Ethics and was a guest on the nationally-syndicated NPR program, Philosophy Talk, discussing climate ethics.

A list of his publications can be found Here.